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App Name:SoLive
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Do you want to participate in an application that has a lot of beautiful Idols, Streamers, hot and sexy bodies. We will introduce to everyone the SoLive application, the leading entertainment application in many Asian countries. Coming to SoLive, everyone will experience watching LiveShow 18+ online and interacting, making friends, chatting with Idols, Streamers from all over the world. In addition, you also play very simple online betting games

Introducing SoLive application to users

Currently, SoLive is a popular application in some Asian countries, the application has more than 10 million downloads to phones on different operating systems. People who want to participate can easily install the application on their phones and it is completely free. SoLive attracts so many users thanks to many special features that give users the best entertainment experience. Besides, the policies and terms for users to participate are extremely attractive and useful

SoLive is a combination of features such as Livestream, online and offline games and exchange and chat. Here, you will experience live streams operating 24/24 at any time. Playing online betting games, if you are lucky and experienced, the chances of getting rich are great. SoLive has a lot of members from many different countries, you can share videos and photos for other members to enjoy or make friends and chat about each other's lives.

Interface on SoLive application

SoLive is an entertainment application that many users around the world love and participate in, so SoLive has a hugely invested interface that brings professionalism and modernity. This is a highlight of the application interface:

Features available on SoLive app

As everyone knows, SoLive attracts users by having many unique features, giving users useful entertainment experiences. Specifically the following features:

SoLive always has the goal of developing and bringing users the best and most useful entertainment products. SoLive wishes all users to support by downloading and installing it on their phones.

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